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Microwave Cooking Made Easy

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In this age of fast living where a lot of activities have to be packed within the span of twenty-four hours, the need of the day is to do everything in the least possible time. Along with the other gadgets that have been invented to make life easy for the busy housewife, is the Microwave, which can dish up a whole meal in a jiffy. Be it a soup or a main course or for that matter a dessert, there is hardly anything that you cannot cook in this wonderful piece of gadgetry.


These recipes are a mix of traditional Indian and International cuisines that have been written after months of careful testing and tasting. So now it is time to step ahead, onto an interesting path of discovering the versatility of microwave cooking! Be it the daily dal or an Irish Coffee, be it a Smoky Fish Kabab or a Vegetable Idli, microwave cooking is indeed the call of the day!


All in all this book gives you another wonderful collection of recipes that can perk up every interested palate from within and out of India.

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Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor, Celebrity Chef, ‘Best Chef of India’ award by the Government of India.

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