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Imperfect Mr.Right

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Can an ordinary perfume salesman ever be a girl’s dream match? Rahul Rajgopal, an ordinary perfume salesman becomes a man of every woman's dream—rich, handsome and suave. Meet Tanya Kher, a successful advertising professional, who participates in the show for a lark. She isn't really looking for Mr. Right, or is she? Will Rahul lose his real identity as he slips effortlessly into the role of multi-millionaire Rajsingh Jaiswal? Will he find love? And will Tanya rediscover a side to her that hides behind the mask of cold, ruthless efficiency?

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Shakti Salgaonkar

Shakti was born Leela Shakti Salgaokar in a family of writers. So it is hardly surprising that the Mass Media graduate wanted to do but one thing: write.

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