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Jeroo Mehtas - 101 Parsi Recipes

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One of the first books written in English exclusively on Parsi cooking, and because of the never-fail recipes written in a simple easy-to-follow format. The book contains all the Parsi favourites including Dhansakh, Prawn Patio, Sas-ni-Machhi, Chicken Farcha and Laggan Custard. Jeroo Mehta is the doyenne of Parsi cooking. She discovered her culinary talent during her husband’s posting at Moscow and has never looked back. Her recipes, which have been tried and tested to perfection, have earned for 101 Parsi Recipes the status of the Bible of Parsi cooking. Her never-fail recipes, written in a detailed and simple style, are easy to follow by those who already know Parsi cooking as well as those who venture to try it for the first time. All the favourites are here, from the famous rice dish Dhansak, and the popular egg recipes, to the best known fish, meat, chicken, and vegetable dishes, and of course, the well-known desserts. Loyal fans of “101”, as it is affectionately known, will be delighted to discover that this new edition has maintained the flavour of the original, updating only the photographs.


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Jeroo Mehta

Jeroo Mehta has contributed articles to many leading publications and her recipes have been featured in the famous Time-Life series.

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